Why Young People Begin Smoking Cigarette

Modern knowledge has curbed the rate at which teens start cigarettes, however it has not reduced the rate nearly as much as many experts believe it should. That begs a number of questions about why teenagers start smoking to begin with. If we can fully understand the allure, then we can implement a more effective strategy to prevent it from occurring at all.


The old version of reason why young adults begin smoking cigarette is peer pressure. From the teen perspective, it looks cool and makes them look older and more attractive. Plus their buddies are smoking too. But this can be a little bit cop-out for us parents. The reality is, the peer pressure perspective is not only what it was two years ago, and the children who are most vulnerable to give in to it are those who grow old with as well as stay with smoking in the house.

Actual Physical

There is a great deal of pressure on young people to be thin. That pressure is a major reason why youngsters begin cigarette smoking, especially the girls. Smoking makes it easier to skip meals, which makes it easier to lose weight. It is an unnatural solution, and in many cases, there is no real problem, since teens are not done growing and the fat on their bodies can be misleading. Parents must attempt to fins such problems and give their children with healthier and more helpful options.


Understanding about the dangerous effects of cigarette smoking is widespread. From an adult point of view, it is not easy to understand the reasons why the kids are not reacting to it accurately. We must understand that teenagers have the unique ability to consider themselves as special. Mentally, youngsters cannot grasp the reality that they are going to die eventually. That makes it so tough to appreciate the bad implications of smoking. This has nothing to do with intelligence. From their perspective, they will never be old enough for those ramifications to matter.


Social awareness is a big help. It prevents the child from being inundated with a pro-smoking message from the media. However, in the end, the guardians should give their kids the required tools. Should the parents smoke, they need to cease at once. It is not overdue to take away that reinforcement to the life of the kid. If you help your youngster to be a person of confident and healthy body, then they will take the remedy essential to resist the enticement of cigarette smoking.


Over 90 percent of the entire percentage of smokers commenced off the habit before they turned at the age of 18. Around 4, 000 youngsters take up the habit on a daily basis. The numbers of teens smoking are simply striking. As a community, we are not leaving a good example to our children, and if we can search for a way to carry that out, we can remove the habit of smoking totally.