Bee Pollen Health Benefits Depend on Several Factors

There could be many bee pollen health benefits. The supplement has become a popular dietary supplement.

It seems to be an effective weight loss aid that curbs appetite and boosts energy levels.

Scientific evaluation has shown that it has antioxidant and antibacterial activity like other honeybee products.


A recent study reports that this is one of the supplements that can stimulate bone building and help prevent osteoporosis.

It has been recommended for boosting the immune system and fighting off the effects of aging.

But none of those effects are guaranteed.

Whether or not you experience any of these advantages depends on several factors. You’ll know more about each of those factors by the time you finish reading this article.


Not only your age, but the age of the bee-collected pollen.

Many of the bee pollen health benefits are related to the antioxidant activity. Antioxidants help to slow down the aging process.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and work to repair damage to cells that has been done by them in the past. Free radicals play a major role in cellular aging and are involved in the formation of cancer cells. Numerous studies have shown that diets rich in antioxidants are associated with a decreased risk of cancer.

A recent study showed that the antioxidant activity of bee-collected pollens decreases by around 50% over the course of three years.

Assuming this decrease occurs gradually, you can expect a 1.4% reduction in antioxidant activity every month.

Freeze-drying the granules at the source is the best way to keep them fresh and protect the antioxidant activity.

Manufacturing Process

The bee pollen health benefits are also dependent on the manufacturing process.

When consumed in the raw form, the antioxidants and other nutrients in the granules are not well-absorbed into the bloodstream. That means you could take a supplement and see no benefit at all.

Technologically advanced manufacturing processes can crack the shell that protects the nutrients so that your body can absorb them. The process may be quite complex. For example, one of the better manufacturers adds the freeze-dried granules to a carefully measured enzyme mix that dissolves the shell. After several days, the doses are measured out and injected into capsules.

Location of the Hives

The location of the hives is very important.

The nutritional value varies from one hive to the next, but even more worrisome is that toxins have been found in the natural product.

The presence of toxins could counteract any of the bee pollen health benefits. The toxins identified by scientists include pesticides and chemicals used in the agricultural industry…chemicals that are not meant for human consumption.

A good manufacturer will reveal the location of the hives. If the company you are thinking about buying from does not mention the location, choose another brand. It is that important.

Age, manufacturing process, and location of the hives; if you keep those three things in mind, you should be able to enjoy all of the bee pollen health benefits.